Creepy 1.94

Extract location data from tweets and photos


  • Thorough search
  • Location data neatly presented
  • Shows tweets and photo links


  • Maps are buggy
  • Slow search


Creepy is a simple application that takes Twitter and Flickr user names and will extract geolocation data from these services.

Ever wonder how much information you're actually releasing to the public when you geotag a photo or check in on Foursquare? Creepy will help you see where you've been and the location information it has found from your photos or check-ins.

Creepy is super easy to use. Enter in a Twitter or Flickr user name (or both) and let it search. It might take a while if the user has a ton of tweets and photos. Once its done searching, you'll get a map of all the locations it found and a list of locations sorted by date. Creepy is actually a very good tool to use to see where you've been and to read past tweets.

Within the list that Creepy provides, you can right click and open up Google Maps to see the exact location. This is great as Creepy has trouble rendering locations on maps, often becoming pixelated or not loading at all.

Overall, Creepy is a good tool to find publicly available location information from Twitter and Flickr but could use some work on performance and fixing its map loading issues.



Creepy 1.94

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